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There are hundreds of ASME code shops around the world. With that many players the one constant in the custom fabrication market is change. We see new shops in emerging markets, the loss of some shops in mature regions, and changes of focus among a large pack of shops as various markets undergo change. How do you pick the right one to work with you at any point in time? -- Well, maybe you shouldn't pick one.

We have seen rapid changes and acceptance of co-operative efforts among perceived competitors within the custom fabrication business. This approach has changed our business and it can bring your project additional value. In the old days we would only bid projects individually and either win or lose the project in a zero sum game. Today there are many more opportunities to take advantage of a select few fabricators that have had an epiphany of sorts. They have decided to create value for you by engaging in co- opetition. (This is Cooperation among Competitors). They are creating a plus sum game and you are a winner as a result.

Our business has always represented complimentary shops based on the types of fabrication tooling each shop maintained. However as shops and markets change we have seen perceived potential overlaps with certain of our traditional capabilities. Ignoring the big picture, the old school and small minded approach would have been to drop one shop in favor of another. But all may not be what it appears on the surface. We have identified opportunities to create value for you by working together.

Although we will continue to do things the old way and bid proposals based on individual inquiries with exclusive select companies it is a mistake to believe that individual success can only come at the expense of others in a zero sum game. Today we review all capital projects on a more encompassing level as to how co-operation might lead to additional value for you. This unique approach has seen the development of interesting possibilities and some intriguing working relationships. We have grown over the last twenty five years from a rather parochial North American centric view to an open minded global perspective. No doubt the major custom fabrication business in North American today is a worldwide business. Our leading International business strategy combines both forces of competition and cooperation to create a plus sum game for all of us.

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The pictured hydroprocessing Reactor was just shipped to the US from Carpenteria Corsi shops in Italy and will be installed along with a high pressure stripper heat exchanger we also supplied at a refinery in Mississippi in early 2016. This heavy wall critical reactor weighed several hundred tons and was successfully fabricated in 2 ¼ chrome low alloy materials. It included fabricated sections both from forged rings and heavy plate. Weld overlay on internal surfaces was a critical component of this important reactor. Carpenteria Corsi builds critical and large reactors and HP exchangers to all the major process licensors of hydroprocessing technologies at refineries and this Reactor was built for use in a Shell license process unit. When there are critical material requirements for large reactors and high pressure heat exchangers Fabshops should be a first call for you to discuss your project. Call Fabshops to discuss your project.


Furui Tower

Many capital project teams have not only investigated, but have also pushed growing utilization of, shops in China. Fabshops.com has been supporting fabricators in China for a while and we have visited many Chinese companies. Call us to talk about the cautions and opportunities.

Interestingly there are over 2,000 ASME code vessel shops around the world, but did you know that of those companies about 700 of them are located in China! That is a huge proportion of code shops, yet the utilization of this huge number of shops by North American projects is limited. The reasons why that number of shops do not dominate the western markets are varied; but the results are important. Standards of product delivery for pressure equipment to Western locations are certainly rigid for good reasons and there is an enormous level of variance among understanding and performance of the many shops in China.

Indeed Fabshops.com has come across a select few companies that should be considered for pressure equipment for the Western Markets. Things continue to change. Let’s talk. Based upon the history of performance of custom pressure equipment deliveries from China there are considerations and clear areas where to focus attention. Which shops should be considered for your project?

There are certainly on-going and perhaps growing opportunities to gain commercial advantage by considering China as a source of supply for custom fabricated equipment. However, call Fabshops to discuss your thoughts and intentions. We can support your efforts to consider this region with a high likelihood of success so send us your inquiries.