Reactors, Pressure Vessels, and Heat Exchangers has assembled a premier set of global shops for the complete range of Reactors, Pressure Vessels, and Heat Exchangers. Our companies deliver products to all parts of the globe based on the fit of size, complexity, and material requirements. The complimentary fit of our companies has enabled us to offer single source supply of a cross section of capabilities. This is an approach of co-opetition. Other Rep companies are often either too limited a cross section to do this, or they represent competing firms that present conflicts between shops! Our unique compliment of shops provides very real opportunity to combine talents of our shops on a completely transparent cross-supportive basis.

Below is set out capabilities that will give a flavor for the range of expertise available through

Dimensionally Large

We have delivered some of the largest single piece vessels in the world. Complete items including shop installed internals such as FCC Reactors, Regenerators, Vacuum Towers CCR Reactors and other items can be completely shop assembled for single piece delivery, A related capability is to fully dress items with insulation and access steel for items such as large Columns, Large Storage Bullets and other large reactors:

Tall Columns
Large Storage Systems
Large Diameter Towers

Heavy Wall or High Pressure

High Pressure equipment is a relative term but it includes typically categorized items such as Heavy Wall Reactors and High Pressure Heat Exchangers. The shell materials for this type of equipment often are forged rather than heavy plate and each project will be reviewed and the best solution will be recommended. The past experience combined with critical acquisition of well respected industry experts has positioned us to be in an excellent position to support projects for heavy wall reactors and High Pressure Heat exchangers.

HP Reactors
High Thicknesses
HP Heat Exchangers

Pots & Pans

In no way a negative term, “pots and pans” is used as the catch-all phrase for pressure vessels and heat exchangers that do not have unusual requirements and that are typically of dimensions that allow them to be shipped either by truck or rail.

Special Metals
Carbon Steels