Power Plant Boilers and Components

Fabshops is your source for major boilers and components. Ranging from industrial boilers and components through ultra-supercritical boilers.

Below are set out examples of where Fabshops.com can support the need for boilers of various types


Heat Recovery Steam Generators up to the largest and most complex types available today.                                                                                                                                                                                                

C-C Plants

Industrial and Power Boilers

The Industrial range includes boilers fired by various fuels. One of the niche specialties provided is in the use of biomass boilers and includes projects converting existing facilities to alternate fuels. The Power Boiler sizes range up to the largest ultra supercritical technologies to many hundreds of MW.

Large Fired Boilers
Biomass and Dual Fuel Conversion
Major Steam


Power plant components offered through Fabshops.com includes complete designed components and systems such as Feed Water Heaters, Steam Surface Condensers, Gas to Gas Heaters, Air Cooled Condensers, Rotating Air Preheaters, and Nuclear components.

Feedwater Heaters
Surface Condensers
Custom Designs